Royal Colombo Golf Club

Captain’s welcome message to members of the Royal Colombo Golf Club.

Golf is like faith, it’s the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

President Pria, Immediate Past President Johnny, Immediate Past Captain Ranil and fellow members, I thank you all for having the confidence in me, and electing me as your Captain for the Year 2016/17. I promise to represent you, and our club with humility and integrity.

I wish to thank my friends and the UCKERS who rallied around me and persuaded me to take up this challenge.

I wish to thank Dian Jayasooriya who proposed me to be a member of RCGC in 1995 and also Billi who thought me how to play the game.

I also wish to thank Sarath Piyaratne who first invited me on to the committee in 2003. A Special Thank you to Pria who invited me back to the committee 4 years ago. This is my 10th year serving in the committee whilst being a member for 20 years.

I’m not much of a speech maker and I believe in doing rather than talking, but I do want to take you through the Vision of the committee for RCGC for the year ahead.

The theme for the year is “Member Satisfaction”

We have four main points that we want to focus on and develop in 2016/17

First of all, We see our club as a “HAVEN”

We honestly believe that with all the Hustle and Bustle in our day to day lives, each one of us need somewhere we can escape to, a haven if you will.

At RCGC you have a first class golf course, excellent facilities, a quality of service and an ambience that allows you to leave the outside world behind you, even if it is only for a few hours.

Use your club and enjoy your time here – you deserve it!

Secondly, We see our club as having a BROAD APPEAL

RCGC is not only a golf course. It’s a meeting place where we get to meet our closest friends and where we continually meet wonderful people and make new friends.

There is a great atmosphere in our club and the ambiance which has been commented upon by our visitors.

The Govn’s bar at RCGC is Unique, with a rich Heritage. It’s been a common practice for the committee members to continue an informal meeting at the bar after almost every committee meeting.

All of you who have played golf on many courses overseas, will agree with absolute honesty, that RCGC is on par with most of them.

RCGC is a great place to dine. The quality of food on offer is superb. There is nothing better than a Cheese Toast at any time of the day and the Breakfast Buffett on the weekends, after a morning spent battling the elements.

Keep fit and healthy in our well-equipped Gym.
So RCGC is not just a golf course. We have much more to offer and we want all of you to consider the broader role, the club can play in our everyday life.

Thirdly, We see our club as a SOCIAL VENUE

Our club has the potential to be a great social venue and we have had some of our most enjoyable social nights here at RCGC.

Our Club Nights and 31st nights. All of these events were hugely successful and in great demand

This year we will introduce a few more events.

We will be looking forward to seeing a strong program of “socials”.


Our golf course is a critical part of the club and the club is only as good as the course.

We sometimes forget or don’t realise what it takes to enable us to just arrive and enjoy all that RCGC has to offer.

You have a team of people in this club, paid and voluntary, dedicated to delivering a quality experience to all members and their guests from 5.00 am to well past mid night.

We have four Key areas of operation
Golfing Operation
F & B operation
Finance & Administration
Last but not the Least the Marketing and Communication

We are lucky to have a dedicated team of people headed by our GM Lasantha and his able Team, namely Palitha, Olitha, Bili, Jehan, Wiranthi, Suneth, Derick, Mahinda, Subash, Chaminda, Vijyani, Priyangi, & Saradha

I also wish to recognise all our staff members for the contribution they make for us to have this club what it is today. Thank you all.

We hope all of you will give, even a higher level of commitment and dedication in the next 12 months.

Then there are the people who work in the club on a voluntary basis.

Our committee. Made up of members who want to serve their club and are willing to give a considerable amount of time and effort in doing so. We are very lucky to have such talented and committed people serving on the committee and I am proud to serve alongside them. I wish to thank all of them for agreeing to server in the committee.

Can I now take this opportunity to thank our Past Captain Ranil and Our Past President Johnny for their guidance and support in the past 12 months. I look forward to, and am grateful for their promise of continued support in my year of Captaincy. Thank you Ranil and Johnny !

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Lady Captain Radha for many years. She’s a wonderful person and a long standing member of our club. I really look forward to continuing our great working relationship over the next 12 months

To our sponsors (past, present and future), We thank you sincerely for your generosity. We genuinely appreciate your support and we will do everything we can to ensure you get a good return for your investment.

There are also a number of members who continuously, step up to the plate when it comes to doing things for the club. The only motive for these wonderful people is the betterment of Royal Colombo Golf Club. We hope, you will continue the same level of dedication and support to the new committee.

That is our focus for 2016/17.

We want RCGC to be a haven for our members. We want to develop a vibrant and relevant social schedule while at the same time broadening the appeal of our club to our existing and new members.

Finally we want all of us to recognise the people that make our club the success it is. The best way to do this is to Treat our staff with dignity and use your club and enjoy, all it has to offer.

We will also support the SLGU in its efforts to promote Golf in Sri Lanka, without compromising our member needs.

At times we may fall short of individual member needs. But we as a Committee will try our best to satisfy the broader needs of the majority of our members and also to do the right thing by the majority of our members.

I am a strong believer of the quote by Winston Churchill

“To have Enemies is Good. That means you’ve stood up for the right thing, Sometime in your life.”