Royal Colombo Golf Club

Visitor Handicaps

All visitors must declare their handicap to the starter prior to teeing off. Visitors without a valid handicap must tee the ball up for every shot from the fairway.

Players with a very high handicap or beginners are likely to slow down play and should allow faster groups through.

The club reserves the right to request such players to tee up the ball, or stop play. Green Fees are non refundable.


Tee Times

A group whose players have missed their tee-off time will not be allowed to play, unless a later tee-off time is available and if time permits.


Footwear for Play

Only golf shoes with ‘soft’ spikes are allowed. Street shoes, training, gym, jogging shoes and slippers are not allowed on the course. (Junior golfers may be allowed to play in suitable training shoes if approved by the starter).



Members and Guests must dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere of the club.

On the course, shirts for men must have a sleeve and collar; only golf specific collarless shirts are permitted. Beach shorts, cargo pants and jeans are prohibited.



All visitors must use the services of a caddy for guidance and to minimise slow play.

Please do no hand over your valuables to your caddy. Ensure that your clubs and any accessories are not left unattended and that your personal belongings are safe and secured at all times.


Golf Etiquette

Please be still and quiet when a player is addressing the ball or playing a shot.

Please ensure that the players in front are out of range before playing a shot.

Whenever you are uncertain as to whether your ball is out-of-bounds, please play a provisional ball to save time.

Avoid slow play and let faster players through.

Avoid taking divots with practice swings, replace, repair and fill your own divots as well as any other divots nearby.

Ensure bunkers are properly smoothed and raked after hitting out and place the bunker rakes properly INSIDE the bunkers.



Upon reaching the green, study your line of putt immediately. When it is your turn to putt, try to putt through to completion of the hole.

Please repair your pitch mark plus any others nearby.

Never drag your spiked on the green. Avoid stepping on another player’s line of putt and standing directly in front or behind his line.

Do not throw the flag stick down; place it gently on the green.

Players should not remove the ball from the hole with their putters.



Trolleys should follow the directional signs on the course. Avoid excessively wet areas and do not enter areas where access is prohibited.

Trolleys should not enter within 30 yards of the area directly in front of the green and should always approach the green from the edge of the fairway.

Trolleys must never be taken over tees or greens.